A Flower Called Elanor

A cold rainy storm announced the coming of winter, the rain turning to sleet as the day darkened. Sam had to put on the lights early on this dismal day. Now he sat in the warm and cosy living room of Bag End, dreaming a dream of spring by browsing a seed catalogue. Frodo had gone off to Brandy Hall on some family business that morning and he would not be back but in a few days. Rosie sat in a rocking chair close to the fire place – she complained that she felt cold a lot lately – stitching some flowers on a soft cloth. “Bet it’s somethin’ for the baby again”, Sam thought. “That baby sure won’t be goin’ naked with all that stitchin’ and knittin’ she does.” He smiled and directed his thoughts back to the seeds again. Only they did not stay there. All these flowers....all their names made him think of something else. But he could not get a grip on what it was exactly. Once again his eyes wandered to his wife, caressing her well rounded body with a soft glance. It would still be a few months yet until he would be able to hold his first child in his arms. His...yes, what ? Son or daughter ? They had never talked about that before. In fact, Sam had no specific wish according the gender of his child. It was enough for him to know that this would be his and Rosie’s first child, a child that would always be special. He smiled again and his eyes went back to the seed catalogue. Pretty seeds and bulbs they had there at Hornblower & Sons. Tulips, Bluebells, Primulas, Daysies, Peonies, Marigolds – names as those of beautiful girls. Names ! It struck Sam like lightning. They haven’t had chosen a girls’ name yet ! If the child was going to be a boy there woudn’t be much thinking about the name. Of course it would be the name of Sam’s companion in toil and hardship, his master’s and friend’s name : Frodo. But how should they call a girl ?

“Rosie, me dear?” Rosie dropped her needlework and looked at Sam. “Yes, Sam ?” “Ummm, Rosie, well, I dunno if this is the right time to ask about it but....ummm, we don’t have a girls’ name yet.” Rosie looked a bit bewildered, then it dawned on her what her husband was talking about. “Well, Sam” she said slowly, placing a hand on her belly, “I thought we’d call her Bell after your mother.” Sam looked like he had taken a bite off a wormy apple and shook his head. “ No, dear, I know you think it would be a way to honour my mom, but to be honest, I don’t want another Bell Gamgee so soon in the family. It would....hurt too much.” “Oh, I’m sorry, Sam, I didn’t mean to...” “I know, Rosie, don’t worry.” For a moment there was an uncomfortable silence between them. “ So Sam, how would you call your daughter ?” Sam thought about that question. It would have to be something special, no common name for his daughter, that much was sure. Which was the most beautiful flower he knew ? Roses, yes, of course, he loved roses, but it would be strange to call the first child right away after its mother. People would think he was a ninnyhammer; simple Sam who can’t even think of an original name for his child. Which other flowers did he like then ?
Suddenly he remembered a flower more beautiful than any other he had seen before.

“Elanor”, he said firmly. “Elanor ? What kind of a name is that ?” Rosie asked, slightly sharp. “Don’t you tell me, Samwise Gamgee, that this is a name of some elf-girl that you encountered on your adventure”. “Well, it is an elvish name”, Sam began, interrupted by a “Ha !” from his wife that meant so much as “I knew it”. Sam perceived that he was walking on thin ice here. Rosie got upset very easily now that she carried a child under her heart. “It is an elvish name, Rosie dear”, he started again,” but not that of a person but of a flower I’ve seen in Lothlorien, were the Lady Galadriel dwelt. In the Common Speech I would call it Sun-Star. It really looks like a bright golden star in the grass, like heaven and earth changed their places and the starry sky was suddenly beneath your feet.” He went on about where and how he had first seen this flower and slowly Rosie’s face softened again. When Sam had ended his tale she got up from her chair, walked over to him and grasped Sam’s hands, placing a soft kiss on them. With eyes that shone brightly she said “Elanor it shall be then”. Slowly directing Sam’s hands to her belly she whispered “Hullo, Elanor”. Sam looked puzzled. “But you don’t know yet if it’s a girl or a boy.” “Oh, Sam, trust a woman to know that!” and she smiled that smile Sam loved most.


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