I want to shout, but I'm silenced
I want to gaze, but I'm blinded
I want to run, but my legs are lame
I want to fly, but my wings are broken
I want to fight, but I am weakened
I want to cry, but my eyes are dry
I want to love, but my heart is wounded
I want to give, but I am bereft
I want to escape, but I'm trapped
Hatched and trammeled like a wild thing


Eowyn's Heart

All of a sudden
he came into my life
that tall kingly man.
His grey eyes
melted away
the icy bars of the cage
where my heart was captured
and set it on fire.

But lo ! It burns to ashes now
because those eyes
donít shine so bright for me
but for her
with whose charm
I cannot compete.
Though my heart rather accepts
the pain of fire
than withering away
in a painless death.

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