Once upon a time in old forest Fangorn
There was a lovely entmaiden born.
Through the years she grew up to be
To the likeness of a rowan tree.

She did not love the wild wild wood
Thought bracken not to be of any good.
So she left without last glance or shiver
The untidy forest and crossed the river.

Near the village we now know as Bree
She met a lovely apple tree.
She looked at the ripe red fruit
And called aloud : that shall me suit !

And every year now when summer ends
And the boughs of the tree with apples bends
You see the fruits of apples and berries in reds
And entwife and apple tree happy as newly weds

So now you know the story
-Alas one without any glory-
of the fate that at least befell one
of the entwives that now all are gone.


Shepherds of the forest

Oldest beings of Arda
Well remembered by Varda
Shepherds of the forest.

Gnarled old trees they are in looks
Legends forgotten, not in books.
Shepherds of the forest.

Slow they speak and go
Have neither friend nor foe.
Shepherds of the forest.

Deep is their wisdom, great is their lore
Of that the tales do tell no more.
Shepherds of the forest.

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