Father Sam


You got over the loss
when you had to leave behind
the old garden that you loved.

You‘ve overcome fear
when you encountered
the Black Riders.

You‘ve been lost
all alone with Frodo
in the wilderness of Emyn Muil

You‘ve been captured
and shown courage
to Faramir and his men.

You‘ve suffered grief
when you held Frodo in your arms
thinking he was dead.

You‘ve mastered the lure
when the Ring called out to you
and gave it back to its rightful bearer.

You‘ve endured cruel pain
when you were crossing
the Plains of Gorgoroth.

You‘ve shown strength
when you carried Frodo
up the slopes of Mt.Doom.

And now your knees buckle
and you feel so weak
holding that little bundle.

Samwise the Brave,
to be a father
takes more than you thought.

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