Leaf of Lorien

Undying leaf
veined with silver
wrought by elven hands
fastened on an elven cloak.
There you lie
in treeless grasslands
thrown away in despair
and feeble hope.
But for you
the Halflings might have been lost.
Not idly
do the leaves of Lorien fall.

The Mirror of Galadriel

A silver basin
Filled with water bright
Sparkling and shining
In the moonlit night.

Into the mirror of water
You may have a glance
You might see your future
Or the past perchance.

What in the water you will see
No one can ever tell
It is just an elven mirror
And not a wishing well.

Things fair and evil
Whatever you will see
Far away in space or time
May have been or is yet to be.



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