The Tale of The Ring

On the pinnacle of Orthanc does he stand
Wants to be greater than any king
Want’s to destroy the lands of the Free
He tears down many an old tree
He got seduced by the ruling ring
Crying aloud “Victory is at hand”.

Great power does he wield with his hand
But does he remember where he does stand ?
Too powerful for him is the ring
That once was won by Isildur the king
When blossoming still was the White Tree
And the Men of Anor and Gondor were noble and free.

From evil once these lands were free
When off the ring was cut of Saurons hand
By the men of the city of the white tree
As on the battlefield they did stand
In the last alliance man and elf-king
And Sauron lost his power along with the ring.

But Isildur was betrayed by the ring
Though he escaped his pursuers, thought he was free
The orcs could see him and killed the king
As the evil thing slipped off his hand.
On the shore of the river they did stand
Shooting their arrows from under a tree.

No more was there one like him in the city of the white tree
For many long years lost was the ring
Though written on old paper its story does stand
It was forgotten and its power set free
To look again for another hand
Though this time it hasn’t been that of a king.

A strange creature found the bane of the king
Fishing in a boat under a tree
But again it was torn from his hand
By his cousin who longed for the ring
And who never after again was free
From it’s lure wherever he would go or stand.

So Saruman do remember the fate of the king,
Though your bane won’t be a ring but a tree
From the pinnacle you will fall and Isengard be free.


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