My Stories


A Flower Called Elanor

A Tale about how Elanor got her name ( slightly different from how we find it in the book )


Shadows From The Past

Much has been said and written on how the Quest maimed Frodo’s life. But Sam has been through pain and torture as well and certainly his life has been in a way affected too.


New Adventures an Old Memories

A gap-filler starting at the point where the Black Rider slinks off upon hearing the approaching Elves (Chapter "Three is Company")


Dark Clouds And Forebodings

A pre-quest story on how Frodo found out for the first time that Bilbo planned on leaving the Shire.


Aragorn, Arathorn's Son

A ficlet about a meeting between Aragorn and Samwise Gamgee at Rivendell



As the Company leaves Rivendell with the Ring, Sam reflects on the fact that one of his traveling companions is an Elf.


Bachelors and Babies

A post-quest story featuring Elanor and Frodo


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